Private Events


Invite private audiences across the country to an unmatched experience that only the big screen can deliver.

Fathom’s Private Events division provides a high-impact way for corporations, entertainment companies, and consumer brands to engage, inform, and inspire their privately invited audiences on the big screen in movie theaters across the country. Fathom’s nationwide network of connected cinemas can be leveraged for private movie screenings, companywide townhalls, fan activations, product launches, and more.

In partnership with the largest movie theater operators in the country, Fathom can localize a national B2B or B2C program by selecting and reserving theaters in multiple markets all across the country. Customized and branded content is delivered prerecorded or broadcast live by satellite to event movie screens creating an immersive experience for registered guests that only the cinema can deliver. Fathom’s vast network of more than 1,000 movie theaters is ready to host your next event!

A New Era for Corporate Communications

fathom private events

Fathom Events has launched a highly scalable communications platform connecting organizations with their targeted audiences in movie theaters nationwide. We can customize any event to effectively deliver your message to the big screen creating an immersive and engaging experience for all.

product launches

Cut straight through the clutter of other brands and deliver your latest product announcement to a truly captivated audience. Imagine seeing your latest offering front and center on the silver screen. And not in just one theater, but hundreds.

crisis communication

When crisis hits your organization, Fathom’s national platform can help you message and communicate your next steps in a timely manner to employees, partners, and team members nationwide. Fathom can move quickly to secure theater locations in markets closest to your stakeholders and provide a highly impactful and communal experience for all.

private movie screening events

Celebrate your customers and employees with all of the glitz and glamour that surround a cinema event. Showcase your employees’ accomplishments or reinforce why your customers do business with you by hosting them to a private screening of the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie.

company meetings & town halls

Whether it’s an annual meeting, a unique executive address, or employee appreciation, motivate your work force in an unforgettable way. The Fathom cinema experience offers the reach and impact to get your message across in an unparalleled manner.

programming & content premieres

Create a buzz on the big screen! Fathom provides programming networks, studios, OTT providers, entertainment brands, and other content owners with a high-impact way to showcase upcoming priority programming with larger-than-life in-cinema screening events.

training & educational seminars

Corporate education and workplace learning are more critical than ever to your organizational success. From new employee onboarding to professional development, Fathom’s cinema experience offers a highly scalable communications platform to train your associates in an unforgettable way.

direct selling consultant events

Motivate your independent sales force and build your community by connecting far-reaching associates in their local movie theaters across the country.


From delivery method to site selection and logistical coordination. Fathom’s start-to-finish support is customized to each client’s unique needs – simplifying the process so you can focus on your guests. Dedicated onsite managers will coordinate with local teams to assist with attendee check-in and collateral distribution.


Kevin Bish

Kevin Bish

VP of Marketing | Guardian Protection Services

“Fathom Events helped power and support an amazing event for us. The theater experience allowed our employees throughout the country to truly feel like they were live at the main event. Everyone, regardless of where they were sitting, left energized, inspired and excited. The event was an absolute reflection of the evolution of where we are today and where we are headed in the future.”