Break free from the boring meeting room and amplify your message coast-to-coast by hosting your next corporate event with Fathom. Our vast network of over 875 movie theaters are prepared to broadcast your next meeting in more than 1,300 screens nationwide. Host your presentation in Pittsburgh. Announce your product launch from Seattle. And stream it to privately-invited audiences across the country though an unmatched experience only the big screen can deliver.

How? It’s simple – reach your audience, wherever they may be, with greater impact and efficiency in theaters. Imagine your message broadcast across the nation on blockbuster-sized screens with HD cinema-quality sound. Your audience will no doubt take notice.

If you’re looking to captivate, look no further.


How We Do It

Live Production

There’s nothing like the energy of a live event. The lights. The excitement. Bring the thrill of main stage entertainment to your next presentation or product launch when you choose live delivery.

Prerecorded Content

Looking for a more cost-effective way to deliver your message to the masses? Perfect your seminar or training session before it airs and we’ll broadcast it to any number of theaters in our network.

No matter the production style, we’ll stream high-definition content to theaters across the country via our proprietary Digital Broadcast Network to help you captivate audiences with better consistency and more impact than your typical business meeting.


Perfect for a Variety of Events

We can tailor any event to deliver your message.

Company Meetings or Town Halls

Whether it’s an annual meeting, a unique executive address, or employee appreciation, motivate your work force in an unforgettable way. The Fathom cinema experience offers the reach and impact to get your message across in an unprecedented manner.

Product, Service or Brand Launches

Cut straight through the clutter of other brands and deliver your latest product announcement to a truly captivated audience. Imagine seeing your latest offering front and center on the silver screen. And not just in one theater, but hundreds.

Training  or Educational Seminars

Give your entire staff a front row seat to your training materials. Watch their attention and retention double in the distraction-free surroundings of a darkened theater. You can even incorporate attendee questions and comments into live dialogue for an interactive experience on a nationwide scale.

Lead Generation or Meeting and a Movie

Attract the perfect customers with the glitz that surrounds a cinema event. Amaze prospective business partners with the breadth of your message presented on the big screen in dazzling high definition. Or treat special guests to an invite-only private screening of the latest hit feature.


Other Benefits

Client Service

From delivery method to site selection and logistical coordination, Fathom offers a one-stop solution tailored to each client’s unique needs so you can focus on your guests. Dedicated onsite managers will coordinate with local teams to assist with attendee check-in and collateral distribution. Whether it’s a live event or prerecorded, our staff will guide you through the entire cinema event process from selecting the right package to tips on how to react to a standing ovation.

298,000 Seats

Gather around the laptop screen no more – Fathom network of theaters offer nearly 300,000 seats awaiting your presentation. It’s more than a presentation. It’s an event. An event that offers a dynamic and engaging experience that puts the conference room to shame.

1,300 Distribution Screens

Take your corporate event to the next level. Using the nation’s largest network of more than 875 movie theatres, Fathom Events offers a high-impact way to provide a uniform message to national audiences with complete control of branded experience for all attendees.

179 Unique DMAs in Key Markets

Eliminate the need for traditional roadshows that require extensive time, travel and resources. Our exclusive partnership with AMC, Cinemark and Regal cinemas, along with our wide network of 60+ affiliates in key markets means we’ve got a venue right around the corner – no matter where you are.


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