Fathom’s partnership with Drum Corps International began in 2003 to bring generations of corp members together to experience the live competition of the World Championship semifinals with other hometown fans in their community. Our Big, Loud and Live annual events showcase DCI’s top marching music ensembles in a thrilling live broadcast as fierce rivals compete for DCI’s highest honor.


Now one of our longest-running partnerships, year after year our theater distribution has expanded due in large part to current members of the corps promoting the cinema event while on tour. Starting in nearly 70 participating locations in the early years, in 2015 our 12th annual Big, Loud & Live event was broadcast to 575 host theaters.



Thanks to the dedicated DCI fans both on and off the field, in 2011 a second annual cinema event was born. Drum Corps at the Movies celebrated the premiere of the competitive summer tour with a broadcast of one of the first competitions of the summer bringing more and more fans a chance to experience Marching Music’s Major LeagueTM on the big screen.